Jennifer Thoreson, Photographer


Medic Book


Book with 6x6” Limited Edition Print of Cover Image, Extraction

Photographs by Jennifer B Thoreson

Photolucida, 2012. 48 pp., 20 illustrations, 10x10".

Publisher's Description

Jennifer B Thoreson’s book explores the tenderness of human relationships during illness and recovery. Each image is beautifully crafted and meticulously staged on hand-built sets. The viewer is transported to a world (perhaps the early 20th century?) where languishing patients are attached to antique apparatuses and fantastical, imagined medical equipment. The images are interspersed with touching, anonymous personal notes (handwritten or typed) — reminiscences of those who have tenderly watched over ailing loved ones. While the visual language of MEDIC is imaginary, the language of love and loss is very real. The heartbreak of seeing a loved one suffer and the desire to assuage pain with a tender word and loving touch are universal. Thoreson’s sensitive approach and compelling aesthetic infuse these subjects with new resonance.

Photographing Women


In this collection of video tutorials, Jennifer Thoreson articulates her technique for creating stunning, meaningful portraits of women. Jennifer will break down her powerful method of communication, and her process of building trust and working in harmony with her subjects. Watch as Jennifer re-creates some of her signature images step by step, both in beautiful scenic settings, and in an outdoor studio. Learn to understand different body types and how to truly observe as you photograph, and create fluid, energetic poses. Jennifer discusses each part of the body, how to make it expressive, evocative, and most interesting. Learn how to see shape and form in a new way, and to gently guide your subjects into intense, captivating poses. Jennifer will help you to see each model you photograph completely, and best use her strength, flexibility, self-expression, and form to create stirring, complex portraits.

Secret Recipes


This collection will help you to achieve the look of beautiful alternative photographic processes in Adobe Photoshop. Secret Recipes is a collection of 15 layered PSD files for creating digital tintypes, wetplates, palladium, cyanotype, and van dyke images. Drag and drop the layered file onto your photograph, and adjust the opacity of each layer until you achieve the desired effect. Ten preparatory actions, a collection of Jennifer’s favorite textures, and a PDF tutorial are included.

Ten Minute Couture


Ten Minute Couture is a collection of 12 video tutorials, featuring a variety of techniques for creating quick, custom no-sew gowns for models and clients. Jennifer demonstrates the use of simple, inexpensive materials, and techniques for wrapping and pinning fabric to achieve beautiful garments for your photography. 12 short video tutorials are included, along with a pdf guide demonstrating basic gown shapes and fabric manipulation.