Jennifer Thoreson, Multidisciplinary Artist

Soulmates, From the series Testament, 16”x20”, Pigment Ink on Fiber Rag, 2014

In this photograph, the sculpture you see was created from two churro sheep fleeces, one male and one female. The fleeces were freshly shorn, and were very heavy with dirt, detritus, and lanolin. To create the spherical shape, I wet the fleeces with warm water, and manipulated them using a process called wet felting. I agitated the fibers with my hands to tangle them together, rubbing the surface gently with water in a very gentle, repetitive motion. The result was two fleeces joined together with a tangled, web-like skin surrounding a mass of fleshy wool. In the Bible, followers are repeatedly referred to as sheep. For this image, I wanted to use wool in its most humble form, synonymous to the living animal itself.