Jennifer Thoreson, Multidisciplinary Artist

Domestic Meditations (Ongoing)

(Size: variable)

Domestic Meditations is a collection of short studies conducted strictly within the confines of my home, exploring relationships between objects and their humans. I often think about the concept of ownership, the attachments we form with non-living things, and why, as emotional creatures, we collect the things we do. In childhood, I firmly believed every object in my room came to life and got into mischief the moment I walked out and closed the door. Part of that magic lingers still--even as I’m well into my forties, I revel in the amusing endeavors objects might undertake in my absence--joining forces with other objects, role-playing, and shifting scripts. What are our belongings when they are unattached to us? These transient sculptures pluck familiar objects out of context to reimagine them, shifting their meaning. This long-term, continuous project allows space in my practice for play, feeding my curiosity about the role that personal belongings play in the quality of human life.