Jennifer Thoreson, Photographer

The Practice of Conceptual Photography

Online Course | 17 January-4 April 2021

This nine-segment course will help you to create a focused body of work that is personal, meaningful, and refined. We will begin with learning to instigate, focus, and translate ideas and convictions into art practice and imagery. We will dissect the practice of conceptual artmaking, breaking down each step, from inspiration, to execution, and finally, placement within the art world.
Each student will receive two one-on-one meetings, nine group classes, interactive group critiques, membership in a facebook group to help foster ideas and receive feedback, worksheets, weekly assignments, and written critique on their weekly work.
The PDF below details the curriculum week by week, so you can have an idea of what you'll be learning. Pricing and registration information is included here, too. Feel free to contact me with any questions, I'm happy to help!

The Practice of Conceptual Photography_WINTER.pdf