Jennifer Thoreson, Multidisciplinary Artist

Lamentations (2013)

(photographic documentation of an installation) (Size: Installation, approximately 20'x24')

chief materials: rescued wooden chairs and table, muslin cloth, wooden flooring, salt, water
While processing a sudden divorce, I produced an immersive installation, leaning into a cathartic and ritualistic method of making. I rescued two broken dining chairs and a table from the roadside and repaired them. I often seek out and include discarded or dysfunctional objects and reimagine them in my work; I am interested in their human history—the stories embedded within them. I ritualistically tore apart and bathed thousands of cloth strips in warm water and bandaged first the objects, then the very walls of the room, representing the old body and the new—a death and re-birth. Two actors accompanied the work in a live performance, reciting and enacting written dialog.


Lamentations, from the project Lamentations, 40x40", pigment ink on fiber rag, 2013

Chair Detail, from the project Lamentations
Table Detail, from the project Lamentations
Bowl of Human Hair, from the project Lamentations
Wall Detail, from the project Lamentations