Jennifer Thoreson, Multidisciplinary Artist

Lamentations (2014)

In 2012 I was diagnosed with general anxiety disorder. This installation piece is a physical means of catharsis, as over the years I have learned that simple, repetitive acts help to quiet my mind and stave off panic attacks. This piece evolved while I was processing a sudden and unexpected divorce. I began to tear strips of cream muslin fabric, bathe them in warm water, and wrap them around two wooden chairs to bandage them, lend them my attention, and beautify them. Over the course of six months, I bandaged the accompanying table, and the walls of the surrounding room. Once completed, two performers accompanied the work, interacting with individual elements as I made documentary photographs.


Lamentations, from the project Lamentations, 40x40", pigment ink on fiber rag, 2013

Chair Detail, from the project Lamentations
Table Detail, from the project Lamentations
Bowl of Human Hair, from the project Lamentations
Wall Detail, from the project Lamentations