Jennifer Thoreson, Photographer


Artist Statement

Baptism is a personal, intimate exploration of a young woman’s journey through the life altering experience of spiritual re-awakening. Re-born into a vapid landscape in need of re-structure and human affection, and torn by the comforts of her past life, the empowered woman is moved to toil her new spiritual soil to create a habitable place for her new found faith to grow. We celebrate with her in worship, where she has found rest and whispers quiet praises. We then bear witness to the painful, frightening surrender of the former self, and the desperation to reach her once again. We follow her heartfelt journey of guilt and transgression, temptation, desperation, prayer, commitment, and true grace. This work is an illustration of complexity, adversity, agony, and triumph in the ongoing battle of the mysteries of human faith and Sacrifice.

Prayer Machine